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Filmmaking is happening all over Illinois, not just in Chicago. Films and television shows are coming to shoot in Central Illinois!

If you've ever wanted to be in a film or see how filmmaking works, this is a great way to get started.

How It Works

Whenever we have projects seeking actors, we'll send an email to folks in the area with information about the project, dates, and rate. If you want to be involved, you'll follow the application instructions per project.

When films are looking for folks to be in them, we will email the talent pool with the shoot information, you'll get back to us if you're available, and we'll reserve a slot for you on set. 

Who We Want

Everyone! Anyone who's ever wanted to be in a film is welcome to join our talent pool. All ages, genders, ethnicities, body types - we want to see everyone. 

You do not need previous experience, just a photo and a way for us to get in touch with you. 

If you have special skills, a car you can drive on set, or a cute pet, please add all that information to the below form!

Paid Work

Like we said, this doesn't cost you anything. When you book roles with us, the films will pay you to be there. 

The rates will vary from one project to the next, so we'll let you know the dates, times, and rates when we reach out to book you. 

Time Commitment

So, when will we need you to come to set? It depends on the project! We'll send out emails letting you know we are casting a project, and if you're available for the dates, you can request a slot on set. 

Some shoots are short, but we always tell folks to plan on being on set for a full day.


If you can't make a day, don't worry. We'll keep trying to get you in the next project.

100% Free to You

Our email list is a completely free service for actors. We will never require you to take classes or pay us for your work.

Films and commercials will pay you directly for your work. We won't take any fees or commissions and you take home all your pay.

Make Cool Stuff

From movie stars to local filmmakers and everything in between, right in your backyard - productions of all sizes could call us. Spend your day being a part of the crew, and making something awesome. 

We're building a pool of people who would like to be considered to be in these films. From background actors to roles with lines, we're helping filmmakers find the people they're looking for. 


If joining the film industry sounds amazing, but you don't want to be in front of the camera, try being a Production Assistant, or PA! PAs are entry level workers, who receive on-the-job training for whichever department they're assigned. 

Fill out the form below and select "Production Assistant" in the options box. 

Filmmaking in Illinois

Filmmaking in Illinois

The fun isn't just in Chicago. Films, television, and commercials are filming all over the state. Productions are looking for folks to be background actors to make their projects feel like the real world! This is a completely free service to background actors, so join our pool today!

Filmmaking in Illinois

  • How do I sign up?
    It's easy, and will only take minutes! Please fill out the submission form and include as much information as possible. That's it! When a project needs background actors, we'll send out an email with all the information they've given to the people in our casting pool. If you're interested, you'll follow our application instructions on a project by project basis. If you're selected for the project, we'll get in touch, and give you all the information to head to set. Example Project Name: Blood Lake Synopsis: (PG-13 Rated Horror Film) When Andrew returns to his childhood cabin before selling it, he never expected the Lake to still haunt him. Shoot Dates: January 13th + 14th Rate: $150/10 hours Location: Champaign, IL Role: Funeral goers
  • I signed up. Now what?
    Welcome to Bokeh's Talent Pool! Now that you've signed up, you'll start receiving emails from us whenever we have a project looking for background. When you see something you'd like to be in, follow the email's submission instructions to be considered. (Follow instructions carefully or we may not see you!) If you're selected and approved by our director, we'll send your information over to production (the film/tv show/commercial you're working for) and they'll be in touch with more information. Sometimes information comes early, but you can expect your calltime, location, and shoot information the evening before your shoot day. Sometimes it's late, depending on the film (eg. horror films are shot at night time.) You'll head to the location at your calltime, shoot, and then they'll wrap you. You'll be paid for your work per the production's paperwork. You're done! Keep an eye out for more information about screenings. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to the Bokeh Team.
  • How much money do extras make?
    Rates will depend on the project, the length of time you're on set, and if you're receiving any pay bumps (for using your car, wardrobe fees, etc.) Expect to make between $150-$250 per day, depending on the needs of production.
  • How do BG actors get paid?
    When you arrive to set, you'll be asked to fill out paperwork with the production company. They'll ask you to bring IDs to verify yourself, and any other forms they need before you arrive. If production is paying you directly, you'll receive your check within a few weeks, sometimes even paid cash day-of. If production companies use a payroll company to pay you, it will still come directly to your home, with taxes withheld. We do not ever handle talent payment - that will come directly from production or payroll.
  • If this is free, how does Bokeh Background make money?
    We are hired by production to find background talent for projects. We never make any commission or take any fees from talent. We will never be the middle man between you and your money because you'll be paid directly by production. If you have an agent, you're welcome to send them their commission for your booking, but this service is a direct-to-talent service!

Sign Up Now!

Sign Up Now!

Sign Up Now!

Click the button to be taken to our sign up form. Please fill it out in its entirety, adding photos, and as much information as you have available. 

That's it! You don't need to do anything else. 

Work with Us

Work with Us

Work with Us

Background casting with principal casting precision

Bokeh Background is a division of Compass Casting, a principal casting office in Chicago focused on creating a safe space for actors to work, and a creative space for production to collaborate since 2013.

From feature films to national commercials, we're happy to cast projects of all sizes. Please get in touch with us about your next project to get started. 

Get in touch.

Bring us to you

Are you filming in Illinois, but there's not a talent pool built in your shooting location yet? Call us! 

We're happy to host an open call to create a background pool in your area. We've worked with projects, film commissions, and village managers to create open calls in spaces that locals know and trust. 

Bring us to you

Bring us to you

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